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Thermal Vision LAIRD 3A
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Realtime Infrared Imaging

Capture Infrared Detail Never Seen Before
410,000-pixel infrared CCDs, unique to Nikon, ensure the highest resolution and uniformity. Image detail never seen before is captured easily. Advanced R&D, medical, industrial and security applications, where resolution is critical, are now within reach.
Get a More Complete Temperature Picture
Wide temperature sensitivity provides more data and a more complete picture. Nikon's Thermal Vision LAIRD 3A copes handily from minus 20”ĘC all the way up to 300”ĘC in 3AS type, and up to 2,000”ĘC in 3ASH type.
Put Nikon to Work Just About Anywhere
Every essential function is built into the camera's main body. This all-in-one design includes image processing unit and a Stirling Cycle Cryocooler for compactness. It also lets the unit operate without interruption in cramped spaces.
Gather Complex Data Without Special Training
An easy-to-use wired remote controller directs camera tasks--lens focusing, temperature measurements, emissivity compensation, image processing--so that infrared data can be obtained without the need for specialized calibration skills or other training.
Use a Personal Computer to Control the Camera
As an option, Nikon's measurement software transfers control of the camera to a personal computer. This enables more precise image processing and comprehensive image analysis on screen. Possibilities include monitoring heat distribution, charting changes in temperature over time, and creating temperature contour lines.

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